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SERPBuddy search engine rank tracking gives you hourly, accurate updates to your SEO Keyword Rankings.

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SERPbuddy is the premier online SERP tracker! Built by SEO professionals, for SEO professionals, we know what YOU are looking for. Easily track, report and manage your Keyword Rankings, Backlinks, Pagerank and Alexa Rank. All in one simple, easy to use dashboard.

Notification Settings

SERPbuddy will notify you of ANY change in your SERPs (if you choose), or we can just notify you when your Keyword reaches the top spot, or the first page. Everything is flexible to your preferences! Don't worry any longer, we have your back!

Downloadable Reports

Creating attractive, branded reports is easy. Simply upload your logo and you'll be creating beautiful reports that will wow even the toughest of clients. Download to PDF or email directly to your clients - it's simple as that!

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